Research& Development

ricerca e sviluppo

Eco-friendly and Greater Safety

Our lab is working on continuous development of new techniques and products. We aim for solutions of problems on board and for reducing breakdowns after major unexpected/damaging events. We believe in focusing mainly on clients’ satisfaction and environmental protection.

In detail:

  • Fire prevention systems on board Ro-Ro ships
  • Energy saving and environmental protection systems
  • Consumption monitoring systems

R&D for smooth sailing

Improving navigation standards and safety have always been at the core of our research.

R3S and ESS: Our Latest products

There are currently two products on the market that have been developed by our Research & Development team:


Our engineers developed in house a simple but innovative product application, the R3S, essential for the prevention of fires on board Ro-Ro ships. Thanks to the monitoring of the electrical sockets of the refrigerated trailers (responsible for 90% of fires on board). The system is flexible and customized to clients’ needs.

R3S limits failures, protects the cargo and integrates seamlessly with the tools to control and monitor fires currently on the market.

Energy Saving

Our Smart Energy Saving System is an innovative onboard automation system, designed to optimize power consumption and reduce environmental pollution.

It is applied to ventilation and Sea/Fresh Water Cooling Systems.