Maintenance, diagnostics and tests/checks for smooth worry-free navigation

Before any travel it is necessary to test onboard equipment/systems.

Checks we carry out:

  • Switches/Breakers
  • DD/GG
  • Rotating machinery
  • Balancing Systems
  • Stabilizing fins
  • Gas combustion detecting systems MP DD/GG (oil mist detectors)
  • Oil water separators (oil bilge separators)
  • Viscometers


Using specific testing equipment we also carry out simulation of normal operating conditions.

We provide service for the following Brands:

hyundau heavy industries

Rotating Machines

We carry out:

  • Tests on winding rigidity of rotating and static excitation
  • Tests on power stator winding rigidity
  • Tests on rotor winding rigidity
  • Winding cleaning with dry ice-blasting
  • Winding remaking
  • Insulating paintwork and oven drying
  • Bearings replacement
  • Vibrometry

DD/GG we are experts in:

  • Tests on proper load sharing
  • Checks and troubleshooting to identify problems caused by incorrect power supply
  • Checks on safety and protection systems
  • Dryice-Blasting

Balancing Systems

We carry out:

  • Tests on the ballast tank sensors
  • Tests on system parameters

Stabilizing Fins

We provide maintenance, support and specialized services.

Furthermore, we offer the possibility to design and implement refitting of the managing system.

Gas combustion detection systems M/E (Main Engine) and MP DD/GG (oil mist detector)

We offer:

  • Testing/checking
  • Bench Testing
  • Spare parts
  • Final testing
  • On board redelivery 

Sytemswe serve:

  • Graviner MK5
  • Graviner MK6
  • SchallerVisatron

Water separators /Oil bilge separators

We offer service and calibration for yearly certification requirements.


We provide service and new installations, especially for VAF Instruments.