Marine Safety

Fire detection systems

We sell and service onboard safety systems, such as those for fire detection and gas detection systems.

Specifically we recommend and provide for the installation of new systems, the maintenance of existing ones and any software changes for the extension of the detection areas.

For years we have been partners with the main global manufacturers such as:

  • Consilium
  • Tyco
  • Autotronics

We specialize in video surveillance and safety for all types of ships.

Services are tailored to clients’ needs and based on extensive experience in the field.

We offer:

  • Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)
  • Anti-Piracy Systems
  • Public Address Systems

Closed circuit TV systems

The surveillance system with CCTV monitors access to all areas on board.

A wide range of latest generation brand cameras is available. You can select the most suitable to your needs on board, considering area and volume.

Our technicians are standing by to advise as needed.

sistemi a circuito chiuso

Anti-piracy System

Terrorist attacks and piracy are becoming more and more common.

Our naval anti-piracy security system can identify targets, objects, and shapes several miles away from the ship, even at night or in poor visibility.

It provides for a special infrared camera, connected to radar, that permits monitoring the selected targets even if long-distance.

Public Address Systems

Emergency situations on board require immediate action and the best equipment to cope with them.

To that end, in our laboratory we have developed a system with alarm functions and RINA approved. It has been designed to provide exceptional flexibility and adaptability to handle any possible event.

In addition, we are the sale and service center for leading company brands such as MRC (Marine Radio Company) and ZENITEL.