Satellite connectivity

It allows you to check and monitor your equipment/systems and resources while at sea and trace them in navigation.

Satellite connections are the essential tool for guaranteeing internet on board all types of ships:  cruise ships, freighters, yachts, container ships, offshore ships, special purpose ships and pleasure boats.

Telespazio is the Partner in Our Innovative Project of Integrated Services and Solutions!

Telespazio, a Leonardo and Thales joint venture, is a global provider of full-service networking solutions; it manages satellite, terrestrial and wireless connections for the creation of customized network services and communication solutions.

Together with Telespazio, we are supporting our Clients in designing flexible solutions for business, the oil & gas industry and the maritime field.

We offer Clients secure, reliable and globally available solutions anywhere, anytime in the world: a broad range of market communication solutions for maritime and off shore markets to support day-to-day business operations.

Our satellite communication solutions range from regional, multi-regional and global Ku-band, C-band, Ka-band global and on-demand MSS services.

We are able to offer, design, integrate and implement a unique portfolio of broad band communications, hybrid networks and digital solutions.

Application Sectors

Sectors interested in connectivity are:








Why/what types of services

  • Connectivity services, to extend broad band offshore for the maritime market
  • Back haul connectivity services to allow the remote extension of telecommunications networks operators
  • Voice over IP Services to allow telephone calls to all numbers of the public network anywhere in the world
  • Public internet access services to ensure safety and comfort for passengers and crew members
  • Simultaneous voice and data communication
  • Unlimited data volume exchange
  • High speed data and voice transmission to both fixed and mobile remotes
  • Fixed monthly fee (regardless of transferred data volume)
  • Compatibility with various antenna systems (Sailor, Intellian, KNS & KVH)
  • Connect on with the office
  • Stream in HD content

In detail

  • V-Sat Connectivity KU band and KA band
  • Broad Band Connectivity( Inmarsat – Iridium – Thuraya )
  • Satellite integrated Connectivity– LTE dedicated Maritime solution – Global area
  • Hardware for V-Sat systems
  • Customized integration of the most suitable solutions
  • Voip
  • Crew welfare
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Professional &certified installers