Leader in Service and Naval Installations

Leader in Service and Naval Installations

The Italian business system is based on long lasting relationships and we value establishing/developing them with trust and loyalty with all our clients.
Fast and direct client service is one of our core values. We provide technical services and maintenance to any type of ships worldwide.
We assist clients with quality, competence and reliability offering total solutions and competitive pricing.

  • 20 + years experience in the field
  • Meeting the market challenge in-house in technological and environmental innovation
  • Strengthened by expert teamwork and high-profile international partners
  • Main contractor for client service and international partnerships as sole point of contact providing teams of specialized technicians using state-of-the-art equipment.

Technical Service 24/7/365

Tefin places itself in the market as a full service provider in port, dry-dock and at seaItalian and foreign ports.

A team of multi-skilled technicians can design, install and troubleshoot any kind of electrical/electronic problems for the marine instruments.  Continuous and significant investments in high tech, professional training, research and development of new services and customer care.  Custom shipbuilding using the best materials and the most cutting-edge systems and equipment on the market.


  • Immediate assistance and continuous follow up on a global scale
  • Service performed in port, in drydock, at anchor or at sea – wherever necessary
  • Services include:
  • Supplying spare parts, materials and complete systems
  • Refitting
  • Conversions
  • Adaptations/refurbishments
  • Upgrading existing systems

In-house Training Center

Tefin supports and believes in continuous training and technical upgrading to meet clients’ needs. We have teams of technicians with specific skills and certifications, trained and dedicated to specific jobs and onboard equipment/systems. At the main office in Naples, Italy, there is an in-house center for training of all personnel. Training sessions alternate on a monthly basis or as necessary,

  • Core of our business is to provide professional training, retraining, updating and upgrading for our technicians
  • Our technicians have certifications and qualifications specific to all the equipment and systems they work with
  • The Center is located in Italy at our Naples headquarters



In Italy service is available as follows:

from Naples: Gaeta and Formia, Salerno as far as Gioia Tauro; including also the Puglia region from Bari and Brindisi all the way to Taranto;

from Civitavecchia: Piombino and Livorno on the Tyrrhenian sea and from Ancona to Ravenna on the Adriatic sea;

from Genova: Savona, La Spezia, Livorno and Marina di Carrara all the way to Nice, Fos-sur-Mer,
Marseille and Monte Carlo;

from Palermo: Trapani, Marsala, Termini Imerese

from Messina: Santa Panagia, Milazzo, Porto Empedocle, Siracusa, Augusta, Catania, up to Gioia Tauro

International Partnerships

Tefin operates internationally, supported by a network of global service partners, Marine Maintenance Net, of which it is an active and founding member.

This network comes from a concept and project which Tefin developed with far-sightedness and in the best interest of our clients:  Tefin International. 

  • From the Mediterranean to the seas of northern Europe
  • From Africa to the Middle East
  • From North America to South America

We are always nearby ready to provide immediate assistance.