Installations for ship lengthening projects

allungamento navi

A new life for your ship

Lengthening is an interesting and challenging approach to adding vessel capacity.  Projects demand particular skills and facilities, as well as expertise in planning, organizing and engineering. We can support you all along with proven coordination and synergy of all activities and personnel involved.

We work fast and effectively.

  • We specialize in the construction of installations for projects to lengthen ships.
  • We provide feasibility analysis, designing, planning, parts and project management of operations.

Projects are developed step by step with our clients/shipyards and this optimizes results .

We work on your systems

We will work on all your onboard systems to walk you safely through the lengthening project.  Our solutions are customized and applied as necessary to meet the challenging demands of shipyards and shipowners. A range of engineering services is available to identify in advance potential impasses in the projects and iron out any difficulties in the process.

We focus on:  

  • Propulsion, automation and stabilization systems
  • We operate on and facilitate adapting and upgrading systems for all type of ships
  • We customize these projects to upgrade and modernize the workings of each ship, how and when necessary, thanks to our technicians’ experience and know-how.


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