Frequency Drive

DrivesPro Service Partner

Tefin is an authorised Danfoss DrivePro® Service Partner: in the Mediterranean and for the maritime sector.

Delivering a customized service experience

Every AC drive application is different.

DrivePro® Life Cycle Services is a collection of tailor-made products focusing around clients’ needs.

It includes optimized spare part packages, condition-monitoring solutions, and whatever necessary to  customize products to support your business through the different stages of the AC drive’s life cycle.

At Tefin business premises we have created a special dedicated Danfoss space with a bench for the testing and the calibration of all instruments/devices. We also have skilled and trained personnel for all Danfoss equipment.

Danfoss VLT® / VACON®

Danfoss produces both VLT® & VACON® Drives and is one of the world’s largest AC Drives makers. They focus on quality, reliability and innovation and this allows us to help our customers to create a more sustainable world by delivering smart and energy efficient products, services and solutions.

Marine and Offshore applications

Frequency Drives monitor and reduce energy depending on the real needs in all applications:

Drives for marine Pumps and Ventilation

Thruster control for precision maneuvering

Drives for marine pumps and separators

Marine separators

Marine refrigeration compressors

Marine winches