R3S System

Smart Monitoring for Onboard Safety

Our engineers developed in-house a simple but innovative product application, the R3S, essential for the prevention of fires on board Ro-Ro ships thanks to the monitoring of the electrical sockets of the refrigerated trailers (responsible for 90% of fires on board). The system is flexible and customized to clients’ needs.

R3S limits failures, protects the cargo and integrates seamlessly with the tools to control and monitor fire systems currently on the market.

Intuitive and easy to use


auto diagnosi

Self learning

messa a terra impianto navale

Extra alarm for single socket anomaly

temperatura nave

Alarm for garage area high temperature

Advanced diagnostics in real time

R3S ensures:


Self-checking in case of failure

monitoraggio emissioni

Alarm log

risparmio energetico navi

Notification of total power intake

auto apprendimento

Notification of total current leakage to ground

presa elettrica nave

Analysis/checking/monitoring of all sockets

A special infrared camera, connected to radar, monitors selected targets even at a distance.

4 monitoring platforms available


R3S provides the essential data notifying “alert” in real time and in conjunction with the four platforms.

Main monitoring platform for data analysis

Secondary monitoring platform for backup

Remote monitoring platform

VNC monitoring platform so every PC can become an R3S terminal