Danfoss Drives Inverter VLT® and VACON® Training

As Danfoss sole partner for service and sales in the Mediterranean, for the shipping sector, we are constantly provided with technical training. Recently our technicians joined a five day training organized by Danfoss at our office, in Naples. It was informative, interesting and instructive, the trainers / speakers were excellent and the learning process was fast and satisfying. The training focused on the maintenance and repair of  Danfoss Drives inverters VLT® and VACON®  together with extensive  info about DrivePro® services.

Recurring training facilitates the development/strengthening of individual skills of our technicians, in order to make the most of the systems and keep them at their maximum efficiency. Another goal of the Danfoss training is to provide updates on trends, methods and features to foster energy savings, to ensure better performance and less downtime.

Our partnership with Danfoss continues to thrive: so far it has enabled us to install inverters on 31 ships (MSC), for a total sales of 265 systems and provide maintenance for over 50 units.

Our marketing approach towards clients considers continuity in training the central element to ensure reliability and problem resolution over time. In fact, we believe that:

  1. The improvement and development of technical skills facilitate any type of service and impasse;
  2. The know-how enhances and speeds up the resolution of problems both on board and during the consultancy negotiation;
  3. Constant updating on the techniques and dynamics of the various systems and products is a necessary investment that strengthens the Clients’ trust and our company image.

We believe that recurrent training sessions are fundamental in helping both technicians and employees to broaden personal knowledge and skills by providing awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses. Continuity in training, in our opinion, results in company cost and time saving, avoiding repeated errors and downtime during service assignments.

The present pandemic is certainly leading us to a forced slowdown in the performance of most working activities and we must adapt to it but we are also aware that this is a time to foster and reinforce training, as it will result in a remarkable investment for the future. Though training can sometimes be overlooked or underestimated, now it can certainly be reevaluated as a real opportunity to take advantage of. In our business experience, we are and we have always been in favor of it!

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