Taking Care of our People…

Taking Care of our People…

Taking Care of our People…

Thorough COVID19 preventive testing for all personnel at our premises in Naples TODAY!

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, TEFIN has implemented a Business Continuity Management Health Program to comply with the safety measures necessary to prevent any form of contagion. The safety of our people, clients, guests, suppliers, contractors, has always been our top priority and continues to be our main focus, while maintaining high quality services for our clients. Tefin is constantly activating new safety protocols to cope with COVID19.

Among the various preventive measures, we consider correct information one of the main elements. Informing and updating personnel about the risks and developments of the virus and everything necessary to comply with national and international regulations is, in our opinion, necessary. Communication in this regard is often distorted and incomplete, generating / confirming inappropriate attitudes and behaviors that are certainly not appropriate for the level of safety measures presently needed. Tefin is providing correct and clear information as necessary. Mostly about the set of measures all personnel must follow for a correct use of PPE.

Tefin solutions are transparent actions and information and are listed below:

Monthly company screening – All staff, including employees, technicians, managers.

Weekly sanitation / disinfection of all work spaces.

Daily check up and monitoring of all technicians before and after an assignment on board a ship.

Use of all available PPE supplied to reduce the possible risks of contagion:

temperature control, masks, gloves, sanitizing gel and air conditioning filters

Very soon we will be using FFP3 masks, with high filtering among FFP mask types.

The on-going global health emergency has clearly highlighted the vital role of maritime transportation and of the entire “blue economy” for our daily life. This emergency must be subdued by all possible means.

As many people know and we repeat, SAFETY COMES FIRST, ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE…!!

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