Have you scheduled your Gyro Compass Yearly Maintenance Yet?

Have you scheduled your Gyro Compass Yearly Maintenance Yet?

Have you scheduled your Gyro Compass Yearly Maintenance Yet?

There are different types of maintenance, routine or annual…different strategies to follow but it is essential as it can monitor performance and avoid unexpected costly failures!        

Generally we try to encourage Clients to select  predictive maintenance as it allows for the identification in advance of the parts or components that are going to deteriorate, and permits the recognition of every condition that could be cause of a fault of the system.

Presently our technicians are actively involved in providing this service to all our major Clients…both in the home market and wherever possible abroad. 

It is indeed a smart approach to keep any vessel in excellent condition.

We can do it for you quickly and easily:

  1. not time consuming
  2. smart investment for prevention
  3. “reward” for the ship owner and the crew

The picture shows, “Fortunato”, one of our skilled technicians busy adding a backup gyro compass ANschutz Standard 22 NX type.

We installed this brand and type on board several ships as it proved to operate accurately and reliably in all environmental conditions!

As reliable authorized service agent/center for Raytheon Anschütz GmbH and for its spare parts, we feel very confident in any replacing or installing. Our technicians received specific special training directly from our partner to perform to the highest standard.

Raytheon Anschütz, headquartered in Kiel, Germany delivers high-quality navigation solutions.

The Standard 22 NX is a nonmagnetic compass that uses a motor-driven gyroscope to indicate true north. It provides high accuracy at all times and operational safety even under the harshest environmental conditions for all kinds of ships.

With interfaces for serial data, Ethernet and Bridge Alert Management it offers easy installation and integration.

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