Tefin Power Management System

Tefin Power Management System

Tefin Power Management System

Our R&D Division Has Developed a New Product for The Laziomar M/V Tetide, Retrofitting The Old System on Board

Step by Step..Our Retrofit Service

  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Advantages in energy savings
  • Remarkable reductions of emissions
  • Excellent performance of generators
  • Empowerment of vessel equipment  for a longer life-span
  • Support to  the eco-system

Electricity on board is essential.  Without electricity, the electricity propulsion devices cannot be controlled.  It is not possible to steer the ship by rudder and it is not even possible to provide passengers with basic services.

We replaced the old system and provided the vessel a better performance: safety wise and with a reduction of emissions.

Having a system like ours on board controlling the electricity supply is important, not only for supplying electricity but also for on-board energy savings!

  Thanks to our experience, we can adapt your current installations to the latest    

  Technologies and functionalities for a better overall performance!


In all retrofits, our challenge is to provide the assistance and spare parts required as quickly as possible while immediately bringing our technicians on board for installation and commissioning.

Our video… Is a way to share Tefin’s latest accomplishments and an additional way to provide dedicated support…To our clients.

Watch the video and share your comments with us!

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